Which Smartphone Has The Best Battery Life?

Making calls, listening to music, social media — there’s a whole host of things that can drain your phones battery these days, so the tech experts at Which? have decided to test the flagship smartphone from seven major manufacturers to see which runs out of juice the fastest. Take a look at the infographic below to see which phone came out on top.

Which phone has the best battery life?

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The iPhone may be the most sought-after phone on the list, but as you can see the Samsung Galaxy S4 dominated in terms of call time and internet use along with a respectable charge time. The iPhone gave the second poorest performance in both the calls and internet tests, however it did have the quickest charge time, so there’s somewhat of a trade-off to be made there — it charges fast but doesn’t last long. The Nokia Lumia is in a similar fast-charge/poor battery life situation.

Picking out the worst of the bunch is slightly trickier, and it depends on how you use your phone. If for example you tend to leave your phone charging overnight, then 30 minutes difference in charging time isn’t a such a big deal. It also depends on what you do with your phone; the Sony Xperia Z for example performs well when making calls but only average when it comes to internet use, whereas the HTC One is the other way around.

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