Haggling tips

How To Haggle: Tips From The Pro’s

In this video from Sky Money, negotiating expert Marc Lockley shares some of his haggling secrets.

Top haggling tips

1. Go in prepared
Research prices online, speak to other people who have bought the same product, know exactly what you want and what you should be paying for it.

2. What’s in it for them?
Why should the retailer give you a discount? Perhaps they’re struggling to sell a certain product that you can relieve them of. Be friendly and polite — they’ll be more inclined to do you a deal if they like you.

3. Speak to the boss
The sales assistant probably won’t have the authority to give out discounts, so politely ask to speak to the manager or the store owner — the person who can make decisions.

4. Don’t give the game away
If your freezer has packed in and you need a new one right now, don’t let the retailer know that you’re desperate. Play it cool without being being too distant. Let them know that you want to buy the product, it just has to be on your terms.

5. Know your limits
Go in with your ideal price and your ‘walk away’ price in mind. Decide what these prices are before you step into the shop (see point no. 1 above).

So whether you’re buying something cheap or expensive, from a pair of shoes to a speedboat, use these tips and you’ll be haggling like a pro in no time! Prefer to do your shopping online? Get free cashback on your online shopping here.

Marc Lockley is the author of “How to pay less for more: The consumer’s guide to negotiating the best deals – whatever you’re buying”. Buy it on Amazon.

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